Sloped Trellis Awning Cover on Wood Patio in Laguna Beach, California

The Classic Improvement Products team installed a Sloped Trellis Awning Cover for sun protection on a wood patio trellis in Orange County’s Laguna Beach, California.

If your home has a trellis covering a patio that you can’t fully enjoy because the sun beams right through it, a Sloped Trellis Awning Cover is your answer. You can choose the fabric to suit your specific color palette and sun control needs.

The best part is that the sleek and simplistic look doesn’t take away from the look of the trellis! If you’re considering purchasing a Sloped Trellis Awning Cover, visit or call (866) 567-0400 today.

Southern California, Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill!

Did Your Air Condition Bill Just Double This Month?
How many of you were in complete shock this month when you received your electricity bill in the mail for the month of July?
Solutions that we offer that can lower your A/C bill include indoor room darkening window treatments, interior shutters or outdoor retractable awnings, fixed awnings, manual drop screens or the most common motorized power screens!
Contact us today to make a small investment in home improvement that will lower your A/C bill instantly. Stop the HEAT before it enters your house with outdoor window treatments!

Brand New Residence 2 Floor Plan – Lantana at Cypress Village of Irvine, CA

BRAND NEW CalPacific Homes available in Cypress Village of Irvine, CA!

Discover the new Residence 2 floor plans in the Lantana neighborhood here:

Classic Improvement Products has the solution to ALL your home improvement needs:

*ALL high-quality products that will make your home stand out from the rest!

Here are 5 Reasons to buy from Classic for your next project!

  1. We are a family owned business.
  2. Our Contractor’s License number is 858310 and we are fully bonded and insured.
  3. We have been in business since 2003.
  4. Our team of 20+ is 100% employee based. We use zero subcontractors.
  5. We are a 5-Star rated company on Yelp, Google, Facebook & Houzz.

Interested in making one of these new homes your own?

Join the Classic movement to Home Improvement and call today or visit our website to see ALL the products we offer for your home!

(866) 567-0400;

Classic Improvement Products at the Apartment Association Trade Show


Thanks again for stopping by our booth at the Apartment Association Trade Show to discuss our large product line! Our wide range of Home Improvement products allows you to find an affordable solution for ANY rental property with a quick lead time.

 Our most common products for the rental market include:
Other products we offer include:

As a family owned company with 20+ employees, we strive for perfection on a daily basis. There is a reason everyone in the industry knows to go CLASSIC for all of your residential or commercial improvement needs.
Contact Classic Improvement Products today at 866-567-0400

New Travata 55+ Neighborhood in Cypress Village, Irvine

Cypress Village is adding ANOTHER neighborhood to their wonderful community!

Too bad the houses won’t have any home improvements until bought and designed by the homeowners.

If only there was a way to get the job done before moving in…. WAIT!

Call Classic Improvement Products after purchasing the home and we’ll come consult, measure & install in just 4 weeks!

What can we offer to your new home?

  • Lifesource water systems,
  • Window treatements (interior shutters, blinds, shades),
  • Retractable Stowaway screen doors &
  • Motorized power screens for the California Rooms.

Here are 5 Reasons to buy from Classic for your next project!

  1. We are a family owned business.
  2. Our Contractor’s License number is 858310 and we are fully bonded and insured.
  3. We have been in business since 2003.
  4. Our team of 20+ is 100% employee based. We use zero subcontractors.
  5. We are a 5-Star rated company on Yelp, Google, Facebook & Houzz.

So if you’re planning on being the first to move into these new homes, give us a call and get started on your next home improvement project!

(866) 567-0400;

The Reserve at Orchard Hills Coming Soon!

Looking to move into the newest community in Irvine??

Be the first to move in to this community with beautiful houses & amazing amenities! More info here:

BUT… these houses are bare and will need some personal style from the potential homeowner (You)!

Classic Improvement Products has EVERYTHING your new home will need:

  • Window treatments (blinds, shades, interior shutters);
  • Shower doors;
  • Closet doors;
  • Retractable screens;
  • California Room Motorized Power Screens… & more!

So if you plan on being one of the first homeowners in this community, make sure to call Classic Improvement Products for your home improvement needs!

(866) 567-0400

The Difference Between Classic Improvement Products & The Other Guys

This is the type of work you get from the cheaper company…

Check out the spray painting of the frame for this sloped trellis awning cover.

We only powder coat our frames as spray paint gets all over the wood and fabric as pictured.

The bolts are pulling out of the house and they also spray painted the bolts and got paint all over the stucco.

lastly, you can see the rust and open ends of the framing. We weld ours to prevent water from entering the pipes.

It’s not always about price when it comes to home improvement. Just look at this masterpiece of a mess-up done by the other guys that were a couple bucks cheaper than our company.

As a customer you need to be concerned with these in order:

  1. Who is the company installing and what is their reputation?
  2. Next you should be concerned with the quality of the product and its reputation in the industry.
  3. Last but not least is the price. What does it cost for the project you want?

Check out our Sloped Trellis Awning YouTube video and you will see just why you need to pay more to have the job done right:

So you are probably wondering what happened to this install that the customer already purchased? The answer is we replaced the entire thing. The customer had to pay twice for something he could have paid a little bit more for in the beginning.

So don’t waste time with the other guys! Call Classic Improvement Products today and get started on your next Home Improvement project!

(866) 567-0400;

Classic & De Guelle Glass Partner Up for Huntington Beach Showroom

Check out our most recent showroom in Huntington Beach, CA!


Partnered with De Guelle Glass Company A.K.A. “The Glassiest Place in Town”, this showroom presents Classic’s Fixed Awnings & Retractable StowAway Screens that go great with Glass Windows & Doors!

We created this showroom for repeat and potential customers & clients that want to see our products in person, WITHOUT having to drive from the coast to Anaheim Hills.

So if you’re in the market for Fixed Awnings or Retractable Screens, but live towards the coastal cities (Aliso Viejo, Costa Mesa, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, etc.), stop by our Huntington Beach showroom with De Guelle Glass Company for an in-person look at our products!

(866) 567-0400;

Classic’s Sloped Trellis Awnings taking over Irvine communities in socal

Classic Improvement Products actively installing Sloped Trellis Awnings in Irvine’s residential communities for the last half-decade and counting.

ANAHEIM HILLS, CA SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 – Classic has been installing Sloped Trellis Awnings in residential communities across Irvine, California since 2012, with no plans of stopping! Sloped Trellis Awnings are perfect for blocking the sun in the backyard patio. No matter what style of home or community you belong to in Irvine, Classic’s Sloped Trellis Awnings will not just fit your home or block the sun, they will have your house looking better than ever! See how Ryan & Jason Lorge explain the Order & Installation process for Classic’s Sloped Trellis Awnings on YouTube, HERE

What makes Classic different from the rest? Ryan & Jason take the extra steps to ensure the customers are happy with their finished Home Improvement project. Creating YouTube videos to give potential customers a real-time tour of the entire Classic process is not something every Home Improvement company does. From making the order to the finished installation of the Sloped Trellis Awning, the YouTube video stated above gives the viewer a detailed step-by-step guide to ensure as little confusion as possible during the actual installation process and any contact between the buyer & seller.

Classic-Installed Communities of Irvine, CA

  • Beacon Park
  • Pavilion Park
  • Stonegate
  • Laguna Alturas
  • Portola Springs 
  • Cypress Village

Classic’s Sloped Trellis Awnings are perfect for:

  • Backyard Patios 
  • Front Porch 
  • Exterior Doors & Windows 
  • Balconies 
  • Decks 
  • Gazebos 
  • Wood Trellis Covers

Our service is unlike anything you will experience in this industry!

Join the rest of the Irvine residential community and call today to get your own Classic Sloped Trellis Awning!

For more information about the products & services we offer, please visit:; (866) 567-0400

Over the Phone Quoting Made Simple with Classic Improvement Products

At Classic, we want to ensure that ALL contact with our customers are quick, easy & efficient to maximize customer satisfaction without wasting any of your time! Here is our 4-Step process to make over-the-phone-quoting that much easier:

Our No Pressure Over the Phone Quoting Process is Simple

1. Call us at 866-567-0400
2. Tell us the product you are interested in.
3. We will give you an installed or uninstalled price within minutes over the phone! The majority of our products are installed but we do offer uninstalled if you are feeling handy. We just ask that you let us final measure the opening for you to ensure a proper fit!
4. After confirming that the price works with your budget we can set up the final measure and installation appointment right then!

It really is that easy.

YES! an improvement company this easy does exist!

Fully licensed, bonded, insured and 100% employee based.

Contact Classic Improvement Products today for all of your residential or commercial improvement projects!
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