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About Classic Improvement Products

Classic Home Improvement Products (Classic) was established in 2003 and is a family owned company built from the ground up with real sweat and tears. This is not a franchise that we bought into. This is a business that has been a roller coaster ride from the day of our first sale on November 1, 2003 to where we are today. Let’s backtrack for a second and start from the beginning.

Classic is owned and operated by Jason and Ryan Lorge. We are now doing business as Classic Improvement Products with a Residential, Commercial, and Wholesale division.

Jason received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems at Cal State University of Fullerton in 1999 and Master of Business Administration in 2003.

As part of Jason’s MBA, his very last project for a class was to literally pick a random company out of a hat and create a bumper to bumper business plan for that company. All the companies in the hat personally wanted a bumper to bumper business plan created for themselves. Jason’s team was the very last in the class to draw from the hat, and the company they ended up with was “Clear View Retractable Screen Doors of Anaheim, California”. Jason put together an amazing team from the class and after spending the entire semester on this project, the team provided the business plan to Clear View Retractable Screen Doors. In the end, Jason realized the amazing potential and growth opportunity of this random company that he picked out of a hat.

After graduation in 2003, Jason requested a lunch meeting to discuss starting a Home Improvement Company with 5 other potential business partners, his brother Ryan being one of them. Ryan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and minored in Business at Cal State University of Fullerton in 2001.

At the end of this lunch, the business had its team of 4 as one potential business partner opted out. The team included Jason, Ryan, a web designer, and an established tradesman. The business was started and was called Classic Home Improvement Products with the sole product being the Clear View Retractable Screen Door. The company was given the name because we knew that our product line would grow to be more than just one product. Our first sale was on November 1, 2003. Our goal from day 1 which seemed unfeasible was to sell just one retractable screen door a day.

Over the first several years, Jason and Ryan bought out the web designer and established tradesman making this their company. The product line grew in the first couple years from just Retractable Screens to now include Exterior Shutters and Interior Shutters.

In 2005, Classic began the fabrication of the Retractable Screen Doors to control the quality of our products to help maintain our 5-Star Customer Experience. Over the next several years our fabrication department grew from building screens for just our company to now over 75 dealers with territories including Orange County, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. By 2009, our company was said to be the distributor of over 60% of the entire West Coast Clear View Retractable Screen Door company that was then being distributed by Primeline and The Screen Pros.

In 2009, we were approached by The Screen Pros who offered us the opportunity to buy the entire West Coast Clear View Retractable Screen Door operation. Although this was a very exciting opportunity, we gracefully declined after learning that prior patented artwork existed making the entire purchase way overvalued. Luckily, our goal was not only to keep fabricating Retractable Screens but to also add products and grow our company with a company that had amazing morals.

In 2010, we made an incredible switch from Clear View Retractable Screens to the StowAway Retractable Screen door company that is owned and operated by a family business in Ohio called Stoett Industries. Instantly our distributor territory grew to now include the entire state of California, Nevada, and Hawaii, and our distribution product line grew by 7 Products overnight.

We currently operate out of our corporate office that is located at 5538 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim Hills, California 92807. Our entire team is comprised of full-time employees. This has literally turned into a large family business as Brooke (Ryan’s wife), Tamara (Jason & Ryan’s Sister) and William (Jason & Ryan’s Brother-n-Law) all working together with the ultimate goal being to achieve our company vision.

As a family-owned company made up of consumers ourselves, we know that top-notch service alone is not enough. That is why we make sure our products go through rigorous quality control testing to assure that every product meets our standards.

The entire Classic Team is proud to be the first choice of builders, contractors, homeowners and designers. We understand the intricacies of the building and design market and work closely with those within the industry to deliver products worthy of our quality stamp of approval.

Over the past 15 years, our company has grown to become the leading manufacturer of high quality improvement products for the Residential, Commercial, and Wholesale improvement industry. Our Residential and Commercial division proudly measures and installs for the residents of Orange County, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Bernardino, Temecula and Ventura. Our Wholesale division proudly serves businesses throughout the entire state of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Our online sales division serves the entire United States.

We promise that our 5-Star Service will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in this industry before.


Jason  & Ryan Lorge