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A Gift From An Angel Named Pamela Lorge

Recent Church Project / Installation

Our company Classic Improvement Products is very proud of this recent project at

Geneva Presbyterian Church
24301 El Toro Rd
Laguna Woods, CA 92637 – 2738

Projects like this define what our company is and solidifies the good that we truly want to deliver throughout Orange County, California. Our hearts are made of pure gold!

Classic Improvement Products was started in 2003 by Jason & Ryan Lorge. Our very first customer was Pamela Lorge, our mother. She trusted and believed in us from Day 1. Nothing was going to stop our mother from willingly wanting to pay her two sons from her hard-earned money for the Single and Double Door Retractable Screens that we installed at her home. She was adamant that she was going to be our first paying customer, and she was!

Our mother, was also our biggest fan. Not only was she our first customer, she was always taking time out of her day to drive to the current Home Show Booth in Costa Mesa or to the Anaheim Convention center to stop by and visit and praise us for our hard work and amazing booth setup.

As the years passed by, we were lucky enough to have a couple photoshoots where our mother took some prime pictures that we still use for marketing to this day. After appearances in magazines, videos and much more our mother Pamela Lorge, was always motivating us, promoting us to friends and showing us what was right and wrong. The most important thing that our mother ever did was lead us to God. She would always say, “I want you to know the Lord, as I want to see you in Heaven where I will be!” Her church until the end of her life was Geneva Presbyterian.

On October 2, 2022 our mother Pamela Lorge who suffered with Lyme Disease and Dementia, went to Heaven to be with her Savior Jesus Christ. As part of her gift/donation upon her passing, she gifted a sum of money to Geneva Presbyterian Church where she was an active member and helper.

At first, our family (Tamara, Jason, Ryan and Jonathan) were just going to donate the money and we were moments away from donating the money when Ryan had a brilliant idea and said “Why don’t we gift the money to Classic, and then double the donation with value added with our Improvement Products and sell and install everything at straight cost”.

So instead of a $5,000 donation, we were able to turn our mom’s donation into more than $12,000 in improvements once all said and done. The project improvements included a large dome fixed awning over an entrance/exit doorway, several dozen aluminum horizontal blinds and several honeycomb shades!

In the end, my mom made the church happy with her generous donation. Our company was given an opportunity to take a situation that was good and make it better. It was extremely worth it. Our family knows that our mom is grinning from ear to ear knowing what we did. It is exactly how she raised us and exactly what we know she expected us to do when placed in this position. Read more about our amazing mother here:

We love you mom! We miss you mom! You will always be our hero!

Love the Lorges