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Large Retractable Screens in Orange County!

If you’ve been told that there isn’t a Retractable Screen large enough to cover your compacting sliding door with one screen, you’ve been lied to. Check out this quick video of our team installing a Panoramalite Retractable Screen over a large sliding door opening in Huntington Beach, California:

The customer was so happy that she finally found something large enough to cover her sliding door with one screen! To see other installations we’ve done, click here! The Panoramalite Side to Side Manual Retractable Screen can cover your 96″ opening with just one screen. Let the Southern California air into your home without worrying about moths and mosquitoes coming in as well. Classic Improvement Products installs Retractable Screens in cities like Brea, Irvine, and Rancho Mission Viejo, in Orange County. To purchase yours, click here or call (877) 960-0594 today!