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Centor Architectural Insect Screens | CHI Products Anaheim California

Are you looking for Centor Architectural Insect Screens?

Centor Screens can best be described as a Retractable Screen on steroids. This amazing cable pulley retractable screen system is a delight to use and opens or closes with just the touch of a fingertip. Just like a standard retractable screen, Centor Screens will disappear when not in use and can accommodate openings up to 24'-10" wide and 10'-6" tall.

Centor Architectural logo

The Centor Screen is the perfect solution for large bi-folding patio doors and compacting sliding patio doors. All Centor Screens can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home depending on the application. They will convert any opening into a shaded, comfortable, private and pest-free environment.


Tight Technology ensures that the horizontal edges of the screen remain straight and tight, eliminating the tendency to sag. Shock Absorption allows visitors taken in by the screen's unobtrusiveness and near invisibility to walk away with no more than a surprise.

Double Door Centor Insect Screen

The benefit of a Centor Screen is that you can install them just for Bug Protection or Solar Protection with a Black Polyester Pet Mesh or Black Solar Noseeum Mesh. In addition, you can also install them with a privacy shade as seen below on a double centor screen unit featuring Black Polyester Pet Mesh & White Privacy Fabric.

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