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Bypass vs BiFold Closet Doors

Bypass vs Bifold Closet Doors

The main difference between bypass and bifold closet doors is that bypass doors slide open and bi-fold, fold open. Bypass closet doors are more modern, but both types of closet doors can be installed customarily to fit a home or business's unique preference. 

Installing Bypass and Bifold Closet Doors

The older way of installing closets was to have them slide and install as few panels as possible; sometimes this meant having 2 large panels sliding on two tracks (one in front of the other) and at best your closet when open would only be half accessible.

Even worse for a larger opening was to have 3 large panels sliding on two tracks (one in front and two on the back) and at best your closet when open would only be 1/3 accessible.

How are Bypass Sliding Doors Installed?

Today many of our customers are deciding to utilize the newest technology when it comes to closets; for the Bypass sliding system that means utilizing 3 panels and 3 tracks; all panels slide on their own track and when open you can push all panels to one side, etc. thus allowing you to utilize 2/3 of your closet at one time and only 1/3 of your closet will be closed.

How are Bi-Folding Closet Doors Installed?

The newest technology for the Bi-folding closet system utilizes upgraded tracks and wheels that allow the panels to fold out of the way when the closet is open with ease. Usually, 2 panels are folded to the left and 2 panels are folded to the right and the entire closet is accessible at any time. Both styles (sliding and folding) are available in a bunch of different panel options including mirrors, raised panel design, frosted glass, milky glass, louvered, etc.

Want To Learn more about Bypass & Bi-Fold Closet Doors?

If you are looking for more information regarding Bypass or Bi-Fold closet doors, our team of experts at Classic Improvement Products can help. We promise you will get some great ideas for your closet doors and can assist with any closet door installation services in Orange County.