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Solar Screen Manual or Motorized Drop Roll | CHIproducts

Solar Screen Manual or Motorized Drop Roll | CHIproducts

Are you looking for a Solar Screen Manual or Motorized Drop Roll?

Do you have a beautiful patio but you can not use it the way you would like because the sun heats it up and hits it so much that it is uncomfortable.

We have a great solution for you; a solar screen drop roll.

These units can be installed motorized with a decorative housing and be operated with remote control; they are awesome because you are able to choose the color of the unit and the mesh. The mesh can be any openness you want from a basic bug screen mesh to a 100 percent blackout mesh. The most common is an 80 or 90 percent mesh; this allows only 20 or 10 percent of the light to pass thru still and blocks out the rest. This gets you the solar control you want and still allows some light to pass thru the mesh so you can see out and not feel like you are in a cave, etc.

The other way these units can be installed is with a manual crank clutch system, either way the units are installed so when you want them up (they are out of the way) and/or when you want them down (you can stop them at any point) you decide how far you want to bring them down; you can bring it half way down or all the way down depending on where the sun is during the day.

We look forward to coming out and helping you; we will show you the different colors and fabrics so you can see the difference. I know we have a solution for you. Finally, use that patio the way you have always envisioned with our solar screen drop roll solution.

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Enjoy your sunny days!

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