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Interior Plantation Shutter Louver Sizes | Home Improvement Orange County

Interior Plantation Shutter Louver Sizes | Home Improvement Orange County

What Interior Plantation Shutter Louver Sizes are available?

I’m sure you have heard many different facts about louver sizes for Interior Plantation Shutters so let’s confirm those facts for you below.

Louver Size all depends on personal preference; as you can see from the picture below the smaller the louver size the smaller the space you have between the louvers when they are open. The most common louver we install is the 3.5″ louver. It is larger than the 2.5″ louver but not as large as the 4.5: louver.

Compared to the 2.5″ louvers the 3.5″ louvers actually offer a 58% greater view, and the 4.5″ louvers actually offer 108% greater view. The most common louver size chosen by clients is the 3.5″ louvers. This is the style that is installed 90% of the time. The next size after 3.5″ louvers that is the 2nd most common choice would be 2.5″ louvers. The reason 4.5″ louvers are not very common is that your window must have the correct window jamb in order to accommodate the opening and closing of the louvers within the opening. Most window jambs can only accommodate the 2.5″ or 3.5″ louvers.

We look forward to helping you with this decision and other interior shutter design decisions, call for an appointment today. Once you call our office we can set up a measuring appointment that works with your schedule. At this measure appointment, we can explain our Interior Plantation Shutter product line in great detail.

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