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Are you looking for the #1 Retractable Screen Door in Orange County, California?


Let’s face it, you live in Southern California for a reason, right! You selected Orange County as it offers the best of the best. The same goes for why you are browsing the internet looking for the best Retractable Screen Door right now for your beautiful home.

Our company Classic Improvement Products has done the Retractable Screen Door research for you. Every year, we run comparison testing amongst other brands to make sure we are still offering only the best. We have tested every single high quality brand screen on the market again in 2024, which believe it or not, has a very limited list.

It was very clear who the winner was after all the research and comparison. If you are looking to maintain your clear view from the inside looking out the best option to not eclipse your view would be StowAway Retractable Screen Doors!  

StowAway is fabricated right in Anaheim, Hills, California off of Imperial Highway and La Palma. So for starters, the screen fabrication is local. There are a lot of companies claiming to be local by buying a local address online for $7.00 per month, but hey, we are real, we have a store front, stop by and say hello.

The product is top notch. Extruded Aluminum, Nylon Endcaps, Powder Coated Screws, Optional Sill Adapters, and the Mesh is not just a basic window mesh like the other brands. StowAway Screens offer a stiffened fiberglass mesh that is stronger and more resistant to damage and you can literally feel the difference.

Then the options, oh man, StowAway Retractable Screens have so many options and upgrades from Pet Mesh in Black or White, to Solar Noseeum mesh, to Solar Medium and Max Mesh. Locks, Latches, Pet Guards, Cleaning Kits and even Anodized Frame Colors in Black or Clear Anodized.  You can pick a Fast Original Close Device or a Slow Close Hydraulic Speed Reducer. While some companies claim they are the only ones with this technology, they are not, we have it too!

Then the most important upgrade, stickers, so that you do not run into the Screen. This is why we offer 4 different type of Retractable Screen Door stickers that are Palm Trees, Geckos, Butterfly, and Hummingbird.

If you live in Orange County, California contact Classic Improvement Products at 866-567-0400

If you live outside of Orange County, California, please go here to find a dealer in your area