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Are Retractable Screen Doors worth it?


Are Retractable Screen Doors worth it?

First, you need to ask yourself why are you even looking for a Retractable Screen Door in the first place.

The typical answer is simply, we are looking for fresh air without the bugs!

A Retractable Screen Door can easily solve this problem by stopping the bugs, flies, mosquitoes, no-see-um bugs and much more!

Let’s face it, a traditional screen is so 2003 and before. No one wants a traditional screen blocking the view 100% of the time. No one wants a traditional screen banging them in the back as they try to get in the door. No one wants to have to lock the traditional screen in place just to be able to walk freely in and out of your door opening. Plus, traditional screens just look trashy.

So YES, a Retractable Screen Door is definitely worth the investment. A typical single door Retractable Screen starts at around $450+ tax installed and a double door Retractable Screen starts at around $900 tax installed. The process is usually the same with all suppliers where you conduct a measurement / sales consultation appointment and then the door has to be fabricated and then the company comes back for the installation a couple weeks later.

A Retractable Screen rolls up into a small 2”x”2 decorative aluminum housing when not in use. That is why it is often referred to as a hidden screen!

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Are Retractable Screen Doors Worth It = YES!