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Motorized Power Screen and 2 Motorized Shades in Riverside, California

Transforming Riverside homes into havens of sophistication and comfort! Our recent installation boasts a Motorized Power Screen and two Motorized Shades, seamlessly blending functionality with style. Experience the luxury of effortless control over your indoor and outdoor spaces.

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The Motorized Power Screen enhances indoor-outdoor living, allowing you to embrace the California sunshine while keeping unwanted elements at bay. Meanwhile, the Motorized Shades bring a touch of elegance indoors, providing privacy and light control with just the push of a button.

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Ready to bring this level of innovation to your home? Elevate your lifestyle by scheduling a measuring appointment today! Call us at (866) 567-0400 or email to get started on transforming your living spaces. Discover the perfect balance of convenience and sophistication with Classic Improvement Products.

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