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Transform Your Closet in Southern California

We recently worked with California Closets designer, Erika, on these master bedroom Closets!

It all started with empty spaces as blank slates.

Empty closetEmpty closet

Then Erika transformed “his and hers” Closets into organized spaces where everything has a place.

Custom Closet OrganizerCustom Closet Organizer

We followed up her beautiful design with colonial design Closet Doors. Over “hers”, we installed a 3-track, 3-panel configuration over. Over “his”, we installed a 4-panel bi-fold configuration.

White closet door panelsWhite closet door panels

This transformation is one that we’re proud to have had a hand in. If you’re looking to transform your Closet in Southern California, visit for designs, for doors, or call (877) 960-0594 today!