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Exterior Shutters FAQ’s

Exterior Shutters add curb appeal and style to your home. They can be installed beside any window, door or garage door opening to enrich the external presentation of your home. We offer a complete arrangement of Exterior Shutter styles crafted in rich colors and durable materials for every design, budget and taste.

The Exterior Shutter Materials we offer are Aluminum, Composite, Fiberglass, Foam, Vinyl and Wood.

Please refer to our Features section for further details.

The most common Exterior Shutter Styles are Raised Panel, Louvered, Board-N-Batten, Bahama, Combination and Arched. Each material has numerous designs beyond what is listed above. Headers installed above windows, doors and garage doors are also available.

Raised Panel
Raise Panel shutters are our most popular shutter style. Our Raised Panel Shutters have a traditional appearance with a colonial look. One, two, and three-panel Shutter style options provide that customized design to match your home. From installation on a historic colonial home to a cottage home to any other exterior design, our Raised Panel Shutters will bring you the detail, beauty and character that you seek.

Louvered shutters feature a uniform look that accents windows and doors and also compliments a diverse range of exterior styles. Louvered Shutters will give your home a signature style with timeless beauty.

Board-N-Batten Shutters complete the look of a traditional cottage style home. Depending on the Shutter material, you can order them joined or spaced. Board-N-Batten Shutters, with their warmth and rustic charm, are a designer’s dream along the coast, lakeshore retreat and anywhere else where a distinctive design is sought.

Bahama Shutters
Our Bahama Shutters are most popular along the coast but can be applied to a diverse range of exteriors for a unique appearance. Bahama Shutters feature 1.5” or 2” louvers and a distinctive design that allows it to be propped open at a horizontal angle from the top of the shutter. The Bahama Shutter, also known as a Bimini Shutter when built with aluminum, is available in a single, double-wide, triple-wide, and quad-wide format for an ideal appearance.  Customization is the key to this product.

Combination Shutters give you room to innovate and be creative. Combination Shutters are available in several styles that combine panels and louvers and tilt rods for a diversified shutter that gives your home’s exterior a touch of character. Our Combination Shutters are a great choice for those seeking enhanced architectural detail with classic appeal.

Arched Shutters are available in several styles that combine panels and louvers for a versatile shutter that truly defines the exterior arch of your window or door.

Headers are available in several styles and only available in Vinyl material. Headers can add style to your windows, door and/or garage door.

Please refer to our Gallery section for further details.

Exterior Shutters can be installed on any surface from wood, cement, brick, plaster and/or vinyl. We can install on any surface.

The Standard Colors available for Exterior Shutters vary depending on the material of the shutter.

Please refer to our Features section for further details.

Yes. Some Exterior Shutter materials are available in Custom Colors.

Please refer to our Features section for further details.

The standard lead time for Aluminum Shutters is an estimated 6-8 weeks.

The standard lead time for Composite Shutters is an estimated 4-6 weeks.

The standard lead time for Fiberglass Shutters is an estimated 4-6 weeks.

The standard lead time for Foam Shutters is an estimated 2-4 weeks.

The standard lead time for Vinyl Shutters is an estimated 1-2 weeks.

The standard lead time for Wood Shutters is an estimated 5-6 weeks.

Exterior Shutters vary in thickness from 1”-3” depending on the material of the shutter.

Yes. Exterior Shutter Hardware is available for all types of Exterior Shutters.

Please refer to our Gallery section for further details.

Our website is just a taste of what is commonly installed. Every Exterior Shutter is custom built and can be designed accordingly. If you can imagine it, we are the creative team to build it for you.

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Please refer to our Warranty section for the Exterior Shutter Warranty details.