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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Classic

Here are 5 Reasons you should buy from Classic for your next project!

# 1 – We are a family owned business.

# 2 – Our Contractor’s License number is 858310 and we are fully bonded and insured.

# 3 – We have been in business since 2003.

# 4 – Our team is 100% employee based. We use zero subcontractors.

# 5 – We are a 5-Star rated company on Yelp, Google, Facebook & Houzz.

Our service is unlike anything you will ever experience in this industry!

We are a Residential, Commercial, & Wholesale Improvement Product Company that offers StowAway Retractable Screen Doors, Interior Plantation Shutters, Closet Doors, Exterior Shutters, Blinds, Shades, Motorized Power Screens, Manual Drop Screens, Centor Screens, Fixed Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Trellis Covers and Sliding Shower Doors!

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Southern California, Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill!

Did Your Air Condition Bill Just Double This Month?
How many of you were in complete shock this month when you received your electricity bill in the mail for the month of July?
Solutions that we offer that can lower your A/C bill include indoor room darkening window treatments, interior shutters or outdoor retractable awnings, fixed awnings, manual drop screens or the most common motorized power screens!
Contact us today to make a small investment in home improvement that will lower your A/C bill instantly. Stop the HEAT before it enters your house with outdoor window treatments!

3-Panel, 2-Track Ovation Sliding Closet Doors with White Laminated Glass Panels

We installed these 3-panel, 2-track Ovation sliding Closet Doors with white laminated glass panels in a modern style bedroom with a rustic touch.

The Closet Doors were the perfect addition to help create that perfect balance between the two styles. They’re also top-hung, meaning they won’t scratch the beautiful wood floors!

To see the many features, materials, and configurations we offer for Closet Doors, go to
You can also click here to make a purchase, or call (866) 567-0400 if you have any questions!

Why the “Cheaper Route” Isn’t Cheaper

Why The “Cheaper Route” Isn’t Cheaper

Every time we hear a potential customer say they went the cheaper route, we laugh silently to ourselves because deep down, we know it’s not really the cheaper route, and they’ll be back to buy from us. The problem with going the cheaper route is having to buy the product twice in order to have it done correctly–once from the cheaper company, then when it breaks shortly after the install or you realize the craftsmanship isn’t up to par, a second time from us to receive the product you should have had from the beginning.
“You get what you pay for” is not a myth in this industry. It is the absolute truth. We are licensed, bonded, insured, 100% employee-based, family run, and 5-star rated! Save yourself the money and the hassle, and go the quality route.
Give us a call at (866) 567-0400 or click here to purchase any of our products today!

Classic Improvement Products Proud of Long-Lasting 5-Star Yelp Reputation


See what people are saying about Classic Improvement Products’ team, products & services on our Yelp Page!

We give our best when working on your home, making sure our products don’t just function well, but make your house look better and more IMPROVED than it did before Classic Improvement Products came along!

Don’t believe us?? 

Just take a look at all the reviews that past, current & repeat customers have posted in ALL 6 years of our company being on Yelp… It’s not a coincidence we’ve been able to keep a 5-Star Yelp Reputation all this time!

If you are in the market for Home or Building Improvement and like what you see on our website & Yelp page, give us a call!

(866) 567-0400;

Rosedale Community in San Gabriel Valley!

New Community Alert!

Homes now for sale at the Rosedale Community in The San Gabriel Valley!


What’s exciting about a new home?

You have ALL the freedom to turn your new house into your own creation! All you need is some interior and exterior design…

Sound like a job for Classic Improvement Products!

We service all homes in the Rosedale community and have a wide range of customizable products to add to your new home including:

Contact us today for a quote on our products
(866) 567-0400

Brand New Residence 2 Floor Plan – Lantana at Cypress Village of Irvine, CA

BRAND NEW CalPacific Homes available in Cypress Village of Irvine, CA!

Discover the new Residence 2 floor plans in the Lantana neighborhood here:

Classic Improvement Products has the solution to ALL your home improvement needs:

*ALL high-quality products that will make your home stand out from the rest!

Here are 5 Reasons to buy from Classic for your next project!

  1. We are a family owned business.
  2. Our Contractor’s License number is 858310 and we are fully bonded and insured.
  3. We have been in business since 2003.
  4. Our team of 20+ is 100% employee based. We use zero subcontractors.
  5. We are a 5-Star rated company on Yelp, Google, Facebook & Houzz.

Interested in making one of these new homes your own?

Join the Classic movement to Home Improvement and call today or visit our website to see ALL the products we offer for your home!

(866) 567-0400;

Classic Improvement Products at the Apartment Association Trade Show


Thanks again for stopping by our booth at the Apartment Association Trade Show to discuss our large product line! Our wide range of Home Improvement products allows you to find an affordable solution for ANY rental property with a quick lead time.

 Our most common products for the rental market include:
Other products we offer include:

As a family owned company with 20+ employees, we strive for perfection on a daily basis. There is a reason everyone in the industry knows to go CLASSIC for all of your residential or commercial improvement needs.
Contact Classic Improvement Products today at 866-567-0400

Classic Improvement Products & LifeSource Water Team-Up!

That’s Right! The Team at Classic Improvement Products thought LifeSource Water’s Filtration & Softener Systems were such top-quality products that they decided to partner up together!

Both companies are known for their quality of service, so why not expand our product line to give residential homeowners and commercial business owners clean water AND the best home improvement products in Southern California for their home/building??

Call today and let’s get started on your next Home Improvement project! (Whether it be for clean water, cooling down the house or adding an extra touch to the home)

(866) 567-0400;

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