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Classic Improvement Products had a choice like you do in regard to selecting the right Retractable Screen Door for your home. Our choice was the same but on a greater scale. Our decision of which brand we selected to offer to our customers would not only benefit you, but also the thousands of customers before and after that followed.

A business is built on products, but a GREAT business is built on excellent products with a solid installation team and customer service team supporting every aspect from start to finish.

After years of supplying and offering a less superior Retractable Screen in the market claiming to be the only one that offered a slow close device, we started a search for not only the highest quality retractable screen but also one that had more upgrades and more options than any brand available in the market today.

StowAway Retractable Screen Doors met and exceeded every single one of our tests and by far passed all of the competition when it came to quality and upgrades available. Any company can offer a retractable screen, but our company selected the superior retractable screen in the market that cost a couple bucks more than the rest.

That means we buy our product at a higher cost than other retractable screen doors due to superior products used. We don’t go cheap on any components used within our retractable screens like the cheaper brands available. This means since our cost is higher, it just so happens that our retail is higher than most cheaper brands.

Can you buy a cheaper retractable screen? Absolutely, but it will never be the #1 Retractable Screen Door in California known as the StowAway Retractabe Screen Doors. We have also been called “The Official Retractable Screen”!

At Classic Improvement Products, our products are selected and tested based on the fact that we don’t want to return for any service calls to your home. Once we install, and the customer does the required basic maintenance, a StowAway Retractable Screen should last you well over 10+ years.

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