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What are the Colors Available for a typical Retractable Screen Door in California?


The official Retractable Screen Door of California also known as the StowAway Retractable Screen Door comes in 15 color options.

One of the most important issues when looking for a Retractable Screen Door is... COLOR options! You want your screen to blend in, not stick out like the sore thumb giant screens that were so common in the 80s! 

Our StowAway retractable Screens come in a wide variety of standard colors. They are available in powder coated colors such as Architectural Bronze, Black, Brown, Desert Tan, Gray, Hunter Green, Ivy Green, Linen, Mahogany Brown, Off White, Sandalwood and White. We also have anodized finishes available in Black and Clear.  We also keep a large amount of mill product (unfinished) which us allows us to powdercoat units any color of the rainbow if one of our standard colors is not what you like for your door.  

Our powder coat finishes are very strong. Much like the paint on a car. The finish will stand the test of time and probably outlast the color you currently have your home painted. We keep a very large inventory of product in ALL colors, so you don't have to wait for product to arrive. We take pride in being able to produce an order quickly as our typical production time is 1-3 business days.

If you are looking for a Retractable Screen Door in California, please contact us today!

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