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What Are Sill Adapters and Why Are They Used for Retractable Screen Doors?


A Sill Adapter is used to provide a 90-degree angle mounting surface for the bottom rail of a Retractable Screen Door. The sill adapter is installed and blended with the customers’ existing door threshold and typically aligns with the reveal of the door jamb or frame. If aligning the sill adapter with the reveal is not possible, then a surface mount alignment or inside jamb mount is the secondary option.

Sill Adapters are made from extruded aluminum and then powder coated or anodized for a perfect finish that will compliment one’s décor

StowAway Retractable Screen Doors, the #1 Retractable Screen Door and official Retractable Screen Door of California offers numerous sill adapters including an extended sill, exterior sill, interior sill, over sill, curved sill, hinged sill, mold sill, threshold sill and square sill.

They are available in powder coated colors such as Architectural Bronze, Black, Brown, Desert Tan, Gray, Hunter Green, Ivy Green, Linen, Mahogany Brown, Off White, Sandalwood and White. The anodized finish colors available for sill adapters include Black Anodized and Clear Anodized. In addition, a raw Mill finish is available. Lastly, if a customer has a very particular color, Custom Colors are available in practically any color under the rainbow in our library of custom colors that do cost more.

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