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Motorized Power Screen Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again… Not Christmas, but SPRING… When the air is crisp and cool! What a great time of year to enjoy the weather. Enjoying the weather becomes a lot more, eh… Enjoyable… with a motorized power screen!


Motorized powerscreens help you take advantage of your outdoor space and the fresh airflow by screening in an opening and providing a shaded area to enjoy. Whether you‘re combating bugs, heat or something more, this is an excellent addition to a California room, back patio, balcony, ADU, large sliding glass door, overhead garage door, or any other type of opening that needs protection from Mother Nature to help you take advantage of your living space. With a motorized powerscreen you can turn a garage in to a playroom or office space…. or convert a patio into a shady bug-proof pad to enjoy your outdoor time. The possibilities are endless and the value this brings to the way you enjoy your home life is undeniable. 

Motorized Powerscreens are custom-made for your opening. There are a variety of mesh options and colors to choose from which allows them to seamlessly blend in with your home aesthetics. This one home improvement can truly make a difference in the way you live your life at home!

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