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Why Classic is the #1 Interior Shutter Company in Southern California

We have great news about our Interior Shutters! What's so great about it? Let us explain.

All of our Interior Shutters including Wood and Polycore now include a FREE hidden tilt rod upgrade. These Interior Shutters are called clear-view Shutters. This is a massive savings!

Clearview Interior Shutters have hidden tilt rods to give you an uncluttered view.

The different louver sizes that we offer are 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4.5 inches.

Our interior shutters come with different louver sizes—2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4.5 inches.

For our Polycore Interior Shutters, each louver has an aluminum reinforcement going through to create the ultimate foundation for lasting shutters. The aluminum core prevents warping and bowing to give your the most quality Interior Shutters you'll find in Southern California.

The aluminum core inside of our polycore interior shutters keeps them from warping or bowing.

The most important part is that because of our massive buying power, we have received reduced pricing from our vendor! We lowered our price to lower our cost to you and provide you HUGE savings!

We are the #1 Orange County Interior Shutter Company! Visit or call (866) 567-0400 TODAY to purchase your Interior Shutters!

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