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The Difference Between Classic Improvement Products & The Other Guys

This is the type of work you get from the cheaper company…

Check out the spray painting of the frame for this sloped trellis awning cover.

bad paint job on sloped trellis awning cover

We only powder coat our frames as spray paint gets all over the wood and fabric as pictured.

The bolts are pulling out of the house and they also spray painted the bolts and got paint all over the stucco.

bad paint job on sloped trellis awning coverbad paint job on sloped trellis awning cover

lastly, you can see the rust and open ends of the framing. We weld ours to prevent water from entering the pipes.

bad paint job on sloped trellis awning coverbad paint job on sloped trellis awning cover

It’s not always about price when it comes to home improvement. Just look at this masterpiece of a mess-up done by the other guys that were a couple bucks cheaper than our company.

As a customer you need to be concerned with these in order:

  1. Who is the company installing and what is their reputation?
  2. Next you should be concerned with the quality of the product and its reputation in the industry.
  3. Last but not least is the price. What does it cost for the project you want?

Check out our Sloped Trellis Awning YouTube video and you will see just why you need to pay more to have the job done right:

So you are probably wondering what happened to this install that the customer already purchased? The answer is we replaced the entire thing. The customer had to pay twice for something he could have paid a little bit more for in the beginning.

So don’t waste time with the other guys! Call Classic Improvement Products today and get started on your next Home Improvement project!

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