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FAQS About Shower Doors

Orange County Custom Shower Doors

Let us answer some of your most pressing questions about the custom shower doors we offer in Orange County and throughout Southern California! If there is any further information you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What type of Shower Doors do you offer?

We offer Bypass (Sliding) Shower Doors only. We do not offer Swinging Shower Doors or Enclosures.

What is a Bypass Shower Door?

A Bypass Shower Door is a setup where you have 2 panels hung from an upper track and where one of the door panels passes behind or in front of the other. Bypass Shower Doors require a top header (track), sill (bottom guide), and side jambs.

Bypass Shower Doors play an important role in your bathroom as they add to the entire style and design of your space.

What is the lead time for Bypass Shower Doors?

Bypass Shower Doors come with a standard lead time of 1-3 weeks.

What is a Framed Bypass Shower Door Panel?

A Framed Bypass Shower Door is typically the most cost-effective because they use a smaller thickness of glass with an aluminum frame around all four sides of the glass giving it that framed in look.

What is a Frameless Bypass Shower Door Panel?

A Frameless Bypass Shower Door is typically the more expensive option but they also come with a much cleaner look because they use a larger thickness of glass without a frame on any side of the glass. If you are looking for an updated first-class look then go with a Frameless Bypass Shower Door!

Are Bypass Shower Doors leak proof?

No, Bypass Shower Doors are installed to keep the majority of the water on the inside of the shower area. Bypass Shower Doors may leak by having the shower heads pointed at the door area. It’s always best to place a shower mat outside of the shower.

What are the Bypass Shower Door Frame Colors?

Bypass Shower Door Frame Colors are available in these colors: Bright Clear, Bright Gold, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Gold Sheen, Satin Clear, Satin Nickel, Silver Sheen or White. Not all colors are available in every model.

Please refer to our Features section for further details.

What are the Glass Options for Bypass Shower Doors?

The most commonly ordered Glass Options for Bypass Shower Doors include: Bamboo, Bronze, Bubbles, Clear, Crystal Clear, Glue Chip, Gray, Mystique, Obscure, Radiance, Rain or Reed.

What is are Top Header Styles available for Bypass Shower Doors?

The Top Header Styles for Bypass Shower Doors are available in these designs: Architectural, Euro or Cove. Not all styles are available in every model.

What is a CW Water Shield?

A CW Water Shield is a patented molecular bonding process that permanently penetrates glass and protects the surface from hard water stains, calcium and lime build-up, as well as soap scum. This is an upgrade feature available for all types of glass for our Bypass Shower Doors.

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for on your site?

Our website is just a sample of what is commonly ordered. All of our Bypass Shower Doors are custom built and can be custom designed as well. If you can imagine it, we can typically build it for you.

How do I clean my Bypass Shower Doors?

Please refer to our Maintenance Section for the Bypass Shower Door cleaning details.

What is the Bypass Shower Door Warranty?

Please refer to our Warranty Section for the Bypass Shower Door warranty details.

At Classic Improvement Products, our team can help you choose the Orange County shower door that’s right for you! Call us at (877) 960-0594 to schedule your appointment.

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