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Centor Screens

Centor Architectural Insect Screens by Classic Improvement Products are built specifically for large Bi-Folding Glass Doors and Compacting Sliding Doors. These beautiful screens can be installed on the interior or exterior of any opening. A cable pulley system design allows this screen to function differently than a standard Retractable Screen. There is no spring loaded tension that automatically retracts the Centor Screen.

Centor Screens are available as a Single Unit or a Double Unit. A Single Door Centor Screen can accommodate an opening up to 12′-10″ wide and 10′-6″ tall. A Double Door Centor Screen can accommodate an opening up to 24′-10″ wide and 10′-6″ tall. Standard frame colors include Bronze, Clear Anodized and White. Black Polyester Pet Mesh, Black Solar Noseeum and Fabric options are available. Centor Screens bring the term Retractable Screen to a whole new level.

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