StowAway Retractable Screen

Retractable Screens in Foothill Ranch, California

Classic Improvement Products: Protecting your home from bugs, one door at a time! 😎

We installed another single door StowAway Retractable Screen on a garage door.

If you’re tired of gnats, moths, flies, mosquitoes, and any other annoying bug with wings enter your home when all you want is some fresh air, go to or call (866) 567-0400 to purchase your Retractable Screen! Common installation cities include Foothill Ranch, California in Orange County.

StowAway Retractable Screens in Arcadia, California

If you have an old traditional Screen Door cluttering the look of your front door when you’re not even using it, it’s time for an update. Check out this front door that we installed a Retractable Screen Door over to replace its old Screen Door.

Visit or call (866) 567-0400 to purchase your custom-built Retractable Screen. We install our StowAway Retractable Screens in Arcadia, California and other cities in Los Angeles County.

Arched Retractable Screen Doors in Upland, California

Check out this Arched Retractable Screen that we installed on a front door. Need a Retractable Screen for your arched door? Not a problem!
We fabricate and install the Official Retractable Screen Door of Southern California. Visit to see the different features we offer for your customization, or call (866) 567-0400 for a free estimate.
We commonly install Retractable Screen Doors in Upland, California in San Bernardino County.

Our Top 3 Most Affordable Products

Let’s kick off 2019 with the top 3 CHEAPEST products for your home or business!
1. Up first, we have Blinds, both horizontal and vertical. Whether you need to replace or just install brand new Blinds, this is by far the most affordable product we offer, starting at $125.00.
2. Up next, we have Vinyl Exterior Shutters. Add some curb appeal with our Vinyl Exterior Shutters today! Give your neighbors or employees a new view starting at $249.00.
3. And last, but most certainly not least, we have Retractable Screen Doors. Start the new year off with a breeze…literally, starting at $399.00.
Let this be the year that you finally get to those improvement projects that you’ve been putting off! New year. New You. Same home or business. New look.

Single Inswing Retractable Screen Door over French Doors in San Dimas, California

Check out this Single Inswing Bright White StowAway Retractable Screen Door that our team installed over a set of French Doors.

If you need a screen solution for your French doors to protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes and other bugs, visit or call (866) 567-0400 today!

We have an extensive amount of different features for you to customize to perfectly suit your home. Common installation cities include San Dimas, California in Los Angeles County.

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West Nile Virus is Officially in Orange County

West Nile Virus has officially been detected in Orange County, California in 2018.

A mosquito sample testing positive for West Nile Virus (WNV) was collected in Garden Grove, California on July 3rd, 2018. WNV has effected more than 6,500 people in California since 2003. Although fatality is rare from the virus, fatality and flu-like symptoms as a result of the virus are possible. Protect your family this summer by making sure your doors, windows, and outdoor living spaces are screened off, and by making sure any damaged screens are repaired.

Give us a call to have us install or repair:

Retractable Screens

Retractable Window Screens

Motorized Power Screens

Contact us today! (866) 567-0400 or click here. Let’s keep you and your family safe during mosquito season.

Click here for more information on West Nile Virus in Orange County.

Retractable Screen Doors in Torrance, CA

Retractable Screen Doors in Torrance, California!

If you live in the South Bay area near Torrance, stop by the One Stop Windows & Doors showroom to demo a StowAway Retractable Screen Door!

Now you don’t have to come all the way out to Anaheim Hills, to see and demo the Official Retractable Screen Door of Southern California.

You can see one right in your own area! For more information visit

Classic Improvement Products is a family-run residential, commercial, and wholesale improvement company. We custom-build the StowAway Retractable Screen Door right in our Anaheim Hills warehouse. For more information, click here.


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StowAway Retractable Screens in Thousand Oaks, CA!

Thousand Oaks, California! Classic Improvement products custom-fabricates and installs StowAway Retractable screens in your area! Whether you need a Retractable Screen for your single door, your French doors, your dutch door, your arched door, or your windows, we offer the complete package for your screen needs.


Get the fresh air into your home without the bugs by purchasing your StowAway Retractable Screen Door today! Visit or call (866) 567-0400 for a free estimate!

We are the family-owned improvement company based in Anaheim Hills, California.


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