StowAway Retractable Screen

StowAway Retractable Screens in Irvine, California

Do you need a Retractable Screen Door for your compacting sliding door?

Check out these two StowAway Retractable Screens that we installed on the compacting sliders of a home!

See all of the different features available for your customization at or call (866) 567-0400 for a free estimate! We install our StowAway Retractable Screens in Irvine, California and other cities in Orange County.

Arched Retractable Screens in Dana Point, California

Arched Single Door StowAway Retractable Screen with mahogany housing and frames just installed on a front door!

Keep those pesky mosquitoes and flies out of your home with a custom-built Retractable Screen. Visit or call (866) 567-0400 for a free estimate. We commonly install Retractable Screen Doors in Dana Point, California in Orange County.

We’re Actively Seeking a Retractable Screen Door Dealer in Oceanside, California

OCEANSIDE, CA – Classic Improvement Products is looking for  an exclusive San Diego Dealer for the StowAway Retractable Screen as well as the Panoramalite, Panorama, ScreenEze, and Centor Screens. As San Diego is a completely untapped market for the StowAway Retractable Screen, this is an exciting opportunity for a home improvement company in the area. With no other dealers currently in the area, selling one Retractable Screen a day and profiting close to $72,000/year is a realistic accomplishment for a new dealer.

What makes Classic Improvement Products different? We are a family-run company valuing integrity, and each member of our employee-based team is dedicated to excellent customer service and professionalism. Our products are Factory-Direct and 100% made in the USA.

French Door Retractable Screens in Yorba Linda, California

Our team installed two sets of double door StowAway Retractable Screens on two sets of French doors in this beautiful home!

If your own home has a view this gorgeous, you want to be able to leave your French doors open without bugs and without a big, bulky screen ruining the view.

Fortunately, we have the solution for you! Go to to purchase your Retractable Screens!

We commonly install Retractable Screens in Yorba Linda, California and other cities around Orange County.

Retractable Screen Doors in Santa Ana, California

Are you tired of your traditional screen door being in the way even when you’re not using it?

You can be like these homeowners and have one of our custom-built StowAway Retractable Screens installed instead!

Keep your home bug-free and ventilated this summer! Call (866) 567-0400 or visit to schedule your measuring appointment! Common installation cities include Santa Ana, California in Orange County.

StowAway Retractable Screens in San Clemente, California

We installed Single Retractable Screens with black frames and black fiberglass mesh on the front door and back door of a home.

These homeowners can now enjoy the southern California summer breeze without bugs invading their home!

If you’re looking to install Retractable Screens on your home, visit or call (866) 567-0400 today! Common installation cities include San Clemente, California in Orange County.

Retractable Screens in Foothill Ranch, California

Classic Improvement Products: Protecting your home from bugs, one door at a time! 😎

We installed another single door StowAway Retractable Screen on a garage door.

If you’re tired of gnats, moths, flies, mosquitoes, and any other annoying bug with wings enter your home when all you want is some fresh air, go to or call (866) 567-0400 to purchase your Retractable Screen! Common installation cities include Foothill Ranch, California in Orange County.

StowAway Retractable Screens in Arcadia, California

If you have an old traditional Screen Door cluttering the look of your front door when you’re not even using it, it’s time for an update. Check out this front door that we installed a Retractable Screen Door over to replace its old Screen Door.

Visit or call (866) 567-0400 to purchase your custom-built Retractable Screen. We install our StowAway Retractable Screens in Arcadia, California and other cities in Los Angeles County.

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