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Interior Door Motorized Power Screens in Rancho Cucamonga, California

We installed this Motorized Power Screen for bug-control on the interior of a set of bi-folding doors!

Do you have a set of bi-folding doors with a large opening? Leave it open without worrying about pests with a Motorized Power Screen! All you’ll have to do is touch a button to lower the screen when you need it.

Go to or email to purchase your new Motorized Power Screen. We commonly install screens in Rancho Cucamonga, California in San Bernardino County.

Transform Your Closet in Southern California

We recently worked with California Closets designer, Erika, on these master bedroom Closets!



It all started with empty spaces as blank slates.



Then Erika transformed “his and hers” Closets into organized spaces where everything has a place.



We followed up her beautiful design with colonial design Closet Doors. Over “hers”, we installed a 3-track, 3-panel configuration over. Over “his”, we installed a 4-panel bi-fold configuration.



This transformation is one that we’re proud to have had a hand in. If you’re looking to transform your Closet in Southern California, visit for designs, for doors, or call (866) 567-0400 today!

Motorized Power Screens in Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, La Palma, and Cypress, California

California Rooms & Motorized Power Screens are our favorite duo.
Just look at these Motorized Power Screens that we installed on the three California room openings! This homeowner can press a button to lower and raise the screens and create a pest-free environment.
Visit to purchase your own! We install Motorized Power Screens in Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, La Palma, and Cypress, California in Orange County.

Centor Screens in Laguna Hills, California

Get the highest quality retractable screen for your large compacting sliding doors! Check out these Centor Screens that we installed over this opening.

With no spring loaded system, even your youngest family members can easily operate the Centor Screen with tap of a fingertip.

Visit or call (866) 567-0400 to have your new screen installed by the Classic team.

We install Centor Screens in Laguna Hills, California and other cities around Orange County.

Motorized Power Screens in Upland, La Verne, and San Dimas, California

Turn your California room into the comfortable, private, pest-free environment it should be!


We installed two Motorized Power Screens with brown housing and desert sand mesh on the window and opening of a California room.

Visit or call (866) 567-0400 to schedule your measuring appointment!

We install Motorized Power Screens in cities like Upland, La Verne, and San Dimas, California in Los Angeles County.

Centor Retractable Screens in Orange County

Give your California room the screen solution it deserves! Take a look this Centor Screen installation that we did for this outdoor living space.

This homeowner can now have the luxury of a bug-free environment with Retractable Screens that won’t retract back on their own and will stay wherever they’re placed. Go to or call (866) 567-0400 with any questions you might have regarding our Centor Screens! We would be more than happy to assist you. 🙂

We commonly install Centor Retractable Screens in Orange County, California.

Garage Door Motorized Power Screens in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Leave your garage door open without compromising your privacy. A custom-built Motorized Power Screen will help you do just that at the touch of a button!

For this particular installation, the homeowner chose white housing and gray mesh to match their home.

Go to to see the different options we offer for you to customize your screen. We install Motorized Power Screens in Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, and Rolling Hills, California in Los Angeles County.

Aluminum Bahama Shutters in North Tustin, California

Enhance, upgrade, adorn your home’s exterior with Bahama Shutters!

We installed these jet black aluminum Bahama Shutters with arms on a custom, traditional style back house in North Tustin, California.

Bahama Shutters compliment a wide variety of window styles and home design styles.

Got questions about our Bahama Shutters? Call (866) 567-0400 or go to

California Room and Exterior Window Motorized Power Screens in Rancho Mission Viejo, California

We recently had customers from Rancho Mission Viejo, California with a big beautiful dining area window who called us for help.

When their family would sit down for dinner, they couldn’t even enjoy each other or the view from the window. The afternoon sun would come blaring straight through the window.

They called our team, and we went and installed a Motorized Power Screen with guide rails for the window, as well as a Motorized Power Screen for their California room.

If you need something similar, visit or call (866) 567-0400!

Motorized Power Screens in Silverado Canyon, California

Take a look at this printed Motorized Power Screen television cover installed in an outdoor California room in Silverado Canyon, California!

The California room is beautiful. The Motorized Power Screen is the icing on the cake.

Protect your outdoor TV with a 92% Ferrari Fabric Motorized Power Screen! Go to or call (866) 567-0400 to schedule your installation.

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