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Homeowners are losing when it comes to home improvement.
What do we hear all the time? “I’m going to go with someone cheaper.”
We NEVER hear, “I’m going to go with them because they have a better product.”
We NEVER hear, “I’m going to go with them because they have a better company.”
Unfortunately, homeowners have it wrong when it comes to home improvement.
The deciding factors of who to go with for a home improvement project should be in the following order:
1) The Product
2) The Company
3) The Price
If you are deciding which home improvement company you will be using solely based on price, we’re sorry to say it, but you already lost.
So how do you turn that L into a W?
First, find the product that’s RIGHT for the job–the product that you actually want, not just the product that someone is trying to sell you. Does the product correctly suit your application? Is it going to solve YOUR specific problem? If the answer to both questions is yes, you are at the start of your win.
Next, research the company that has the right product for your application. Are they licensed, and is the license valid? Are they bonded, and is the bond valid? Are they local? Are they a family business that actually puts care into their products and installations? Is it easy to get a hold of a customer service rep? Do they have a showroom? Do they fabricate any of their products? Are they a 5-star rated company on Yelp, Google, or anywhere else? If after your research, you can confidently answer all of these questions with “yes”, you are well on your way to a win!
Finally, we come to price. If you are solely shopping based on price, then you might be a homeowner that always has a problem with your home or business improvement products and installations. Maybe it doesn’t function properly, or it breaks often, or you have to constantly go back to the company you purchased it from to replace it. Sound familiar? Let’s face it, you bought from the cheapest company out there, and there’s a reason that company was so cheap. You get what you pay for. Now, of course, nobody wants to get ripped off, but paying the bit of extra money for a quality product from a quality company might actually save you some in the long run. Do this, and congrats! We have a winner!
So, let’s recap. How do you, as a homeowner, win when it comes to home improvement? Realize that a company that has a top-quality product with a solid company to back it up will have a higher price. Be patient, do your research and understand that quality doesn’t come cheap.
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