Centor Screens Warranty

Centor Screens

Centor Screens Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

This Centor Screens Warranty is extended to the original purchaser whose name appears on the sales order. Warranty is void once original purchaser transfers title of his home to another party.

1. Warranty
Classic Home Improvement Products (Classic) warrants, to the first Purchaser only, for our Centor Screens to be free from defective materials and workmanship, when properly maintained and under normal use and service, for a period of 5 years following installation. This warranty period of 5 years does not include the screen mesh or fabric.

This warranty does not cover installation costs, removal costs, service call cost, and shipping costs of any and all materials covered in the above limited warranties.

2. Purchaser’s Duties
The Purchaser shall give written notice to Classic, of any alleged failure of the Centor Screen system within this limited warranty period, no later than 15 days after the Purchaser learns of such failure.

3. Disclaimer and Exclusion of Warranties
There is no express or implied warranty, representation or condition of any kind (including without limitation warranty of merchantability or of fitness for use) except for the express warranty in paragraph 1 of this Limited Warranty, and no further warranty shall be implied by law.

4. Exclusion
This warranty and all of Classic’s obligations stated herein shall not apply to:

  1. any improper installations;
  2. any change in color of parts that takes place over time;
  3. any damage to fasteners from drill or screwdriver damage;
  4. any faulty building construction or design;
  5. any repairs or alterations made without the prior approval of Classic;
  6. any screen damaged by misuse, abuse, vandalism, or accident, or Act of God;
  7. any exposure to corrosive environments (salt water);
  8. any progressive deterioration of finishes and materials due to sun, rain, abrasion, heat and/or or cold;
  9. any wood materials that has not been appropriately finished to protect it from the site conditions;
  10. any wood laminated products used in exterior applications;
  11. any moderate fraying, curling or bowing which is a natural characteristic of screen/fabric;
  12. any moderate waffling or puckering of the screen/fabric near a fabric seam;
  13. any installation of replacement screen or parts;
  14. any clear window vinyl;
  15. any freight costs to ship product replacement products to Classic;
  16. any labor cost involved in the replacement.

5. Limitation of Liability
It is understood and agreed that Classic’s liability, whether in contract, in tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise, shall be limited to the undertaking set out above in paragraph 1 of this Limited Warranty, and under no circumstances shall Classic be held liable for indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages or losses that anyone may suffer or incur in connection with this product in use.

Warranty does not cover any rips, tears, separation, fraying, and/or snags of any sort on the screen or fabric material. The detaching of the screen or fabric from the roller tube and/or pull bar is excluded as well. You are aware that your threshold has been altered and we will not be responsible for any tripping, falling and/or leaks of any kind.

Customer acknowledges that the Centor Screen is for ventilation, sun control and/or bug reduction only; it is not meant to keep bad guys out or keep kids or pets inside. In no way are the Centor Screens installed at your home meant to be used as a security screen. In no way is Classic to be held liable for any harm done to you, your property, and/or your family for using them as such screens.

6. Limitation of Actions
No action for breach of warranty shall be commenced by the Purchaser more than one year after the accrual of the alleged cause of action.

7. Professional Installation Required
Classic Centor Screens must be professionally installed by a certified/qualified dealer and cannot be altered in any way by the end user.

8. Merger
This written warranty is the complete, final and exclusive agreement of the parties with respect to the quality and performance of the screen and to any and all warranties and representations related to it.

9. No Oral Modification or Waiver
No modification of this warranty, or waiver of its terms, shall be binding on either party unless approved in writing by both parties.

10. Governing Law
This warranty, and the rights and duties of the parties under it, shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.