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Centor Screens are available in many configurations to accommodate any home, available in a double screen, single screen, and multi-function screen systems.¬†Centor insect screens are tough enough to withstand real-life use, backed by a five-year warranty. Exhaustive cycle testing to 400,000 cycles, and exposure to dust, mud, sand and salt spray ensure reliable operation well beyond the five year warranty. The system has also withstood impact testing with a 37-pound punching bag 100 times, as well as thorough poking, prodding and pushing from Centor’s Research and Development staff, watch our Centor Screens video to learn more.

You should choose Centor retractable screens if you are after unobtrusive insect protection for openings as wide as 24′. The robust system is a delight to use-opening and closing with just the touch of a fingertip.

The Centor insect screen won’t spoil your view, with sheer mesh that disappears when not in use. For these reasons, a Centor retractable screen is the best solution for screening large openings.

Do you live in Southern California? We can measure and install this amazing product for you. Give us a call now for further details! If you live outside our working territory we can sell the product to you uninstalled.